The Christmas Mountain HOA Board has gathered the following information to welcome new residents and pass along important community information.


We welcome you to our neighborhood!

Christmas Mountain Golf Estates is a Home Owners Association (HOA), and one of five entities associated with Property Owners Association (POA) of Bluegreen Resorts. These five entities include:
  1. Our CMGE HOA
  2. Residents Owners Association ROA (the independent homes on the resort side)
  3. The Villas
  4. The Campground
  5. Condo owners
CMGE has a homeowner representing our neighborhood on the POA

Many new residents have questions when they move to their new home here. This Welcome will answer most of the frequently asked questions.

Understanding the HOA
  • The CMGE By-laws (explaining our structure) and Covenants (rules and guidelines of our neighborhood) are given to each new homeowner. Our expectation is that these are read and followed by all members in our neighborhood.

  • CMGE has an elected volunteer Board of five neighborhood members to invoice and collect the annual dues, pay all bills, maintain the roads, communicate important neighborhood information, and conduct the annual membership meeting, which is held in June each year. The Board clarifies and communicates the Covenants. Neighbors are encouraged to get to know each other. The Board prefers that our members work out any personal issue between themselves before elevating concerns to the Board level. The Board can, and will, issue fines for infractions of the Covenants.

  • Our fiscal year is June 1 through May 31. Invoices for your annual HOA fees are sent to you by the beginning of May each year, due by June 1. These fees cover road maintenance, snow plowing, our website costs, insurance, taxes, utilities, miscellaneous administrative costs, and our POA fee, which is over half of the total annual dues. Bluegreen Resorts owns the land our private roads are built on, but CMGE pays for all maintenance of the roads.

  • Each year CMGE pays the POA a fee for our neighborhood members to use the Bluegreen amenities, such as the pools, fitness center, renting the pavilion, mini golf, tennis courts, and discounts on ski, golf and at Mulligan's restaurant. Members receive a new card each Spring to prove ownership in our HOA. Follow the golf cart path at the western end of Innisbrook Lane for easy walking or cart access to the resort area.

  • New cards are ordered by the CMGE Treasurer. Contact the current treasurer for your card.

  • The Architectural Control Committee, ACC, is a sub-committee of the Board and serves to protect the aesthetics and beauty of our community. The ACC must review all new construction, additions, and landscaping. Please contact them with any questions regarding new exterior changes, new building plans, tree removal information, and other landscape changes prior to the beginning of any project.

Be a good neighbor by:

  • Introducing yourself to your neighbors and attending our June annual meeting.

  • We take a great deal of pride in keeping our neighborhood neat and well maintained. Keep your yard well maintained by mowing and maintaining landscapes regularly. Please blow grass clippings off the roadways. Yard waste is not picked up, but can be composted in your wooded areas, or chip and mulch downed tree limbs and twigs.

  • Garbage and recycling pick-up day is every Monday. When a holiday occurs on Monday the pick-up day is Tuesday. Please place your own refuse containers out the night before and be sure to remove empty containers from the street by the evening of pick-up day.

  • Please be respectful of quiet times in the neighborhood and keep outside noise to minimum during early morning and night hours.

  • Outdoor signage is not allowed with the exception of realtor signs. A one-day announcement for yard sales, birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, may be approved by contacting a board member for review ahead of time.

  • Drive the posted 25 mph speed limit or slower. Many children are present on our roads. Also, please remind any visitors, package delivery service or contractors coming to your home to drive the speed limit or slower. Rules of the road apply to golf carts as well. We want to keep our children and families safe!

  • The only fencing allowed is a split rail fence up to three rails. Underground electric fences are recommended to keep pets contained within the boundaries of your property.

  • If on the common roads, pets must be leashed and in your control at all times. If outside on your property, pets must be contained within your yard at all times contained by electronic fence, cable run, on a rope that is staked or on a leash. Please pick up pet debris from all common areas, especially along the road ways. Volunteers use their own mowers to mow these areas and sometimes need to clean your pet debris off the mower blades and tires when it is not picked up and disposed of properly.

  • All boats, campers, and RVs are to be stored off property. Some trailers may be approved to be placed in your side yard not visible from the street or golf course. Campers and RVs may be parked in your driveway as you pack before a trip; and then unpack and clean after a vacation. Please notify a Board member if you need more than three days for the vehicle to be parked in your driveway.

Become part of our community by:

  • Register your family to be a member of the CMGE website (this site) and CMGE Nextdoor site. We have homeowners who volunteer their time to keep this information current and easy to navigate. You will find valuable information here, such as member directory, map of homeowners, minutes of annual meeting, financial reports, and contact information to answer most any question. Please keep your personal contact information current on the website. The Nextdoor site is for posting "For Sale" items, fun gatherings in the neighborhood, and other neighborhood information such as: where are the best restaurants, and who is a good fix-it person, etc.

  • If needed, request a replacement mailbox key from the CMGE Vice President. Be sure to keep your mailbox emptied and collect your packages on a regular basis. All issues with mail need to be called to the Wisconsin Dells Post Office at 608-254-6412.

  • If you like to keep our neighborhood beautiful, join other volunteers to mow the roadway on vacant lots or along Innisbrook and Spyglass, keeping weeds from the roads. Help weed the large Christmas Mountain sign area off Lyndon Road and Innisbrook. When you see icy spots by the mailboxes, sprinkle salt from the container provided by CMGE. Help clean the mailboxes when they look dusty or dirty. All of us working together give our neighborhood a welcoming presence!

Be respectful of the golf course and resort by:

  • Golf course living has its own set of expected guidelines to follow. The golf course land is owned by Bluegreen and considered open from late April until early November. Specific dates are communicated by Bluegreen Resorts. When the golf course is open, only golfers who have paid and are actively golfing are allowed on the course. This means we cannot walk the course any hours of the day or night or use our golf carts to ride the course when not golfing. Pets are not allowed on the course during open season. Children and adults are not to be riding bikes, playing games, such as Frisbee, catch or other games, on the course during open season at any time of day. During the closed season, November into April, we can hike, cross country ski, sled, snowshoe on the course.

  • Golfers are allowed to come onto your property to access their golf balls.

  • Any concerns with the golf course, such as, golfers not obeying road rules, pets on the course, children playing on the course, trees down, or non-golfers on the course should be reported to Bluegreen Security at 608-254-3970 (security direct line) or 608-253-1000 (resort general line).

Welcome to our CMGE community! If you have additional questions, please contact a Board member.

- CMGE Board