Summary for Prospective Owners

This summary highlights some of the information that prospective buyers are most interested in knowing, as well as some of the information that they should consider when contemplating a purchase of a home or land at Christmas Mountain Golf Estates.

Buyers are highly encouraged to review the Bylaws and Covenants documents available for download here. Obtain the assistance of a professional if you have any questions regarding the documents.

How is the Association managed?
CMGE is managed by the owners with an elected Board of Directors with voting on issues at annual June meeting. See Members of the Board

May I alter my lot/home?
Any plans, revisions, modifications must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
See Architecture Review Committee

May I have pets?
Yes: Dogs, cats, or other common household pets are welcomed provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes.  As in all communities like CMGE, pets need to be controlled at all times and not become a nuisance to other owners. This includes the clean up after a pet and consideration of neighbors with regard to barking.

What are the parking restrictions?
There is no overnight parking on any streets. Boats, RVs, and trailers can be parked in the driveway for short periods of time and must be in the driveway only. Any requests for prolonged parking should be coordinated with the association president.  

Are there any special amenities and features associated with CMGE?
Yes, your payment of the annual association fee (see below for more information) covers access to many of the amenities at Christmas Mountain Village. You will receive an identification card after payment of your dues, which you should have with you when enjoying the CMV facilities. CMGE residents can obtain an access card for the pool and workout areas from the CMV Registration desk.
Christmas Mountain Village Amenities

Who is responsible for maintaining, repairing common areas?
All owners shall care for maintenance and repair of commons areas, under the direction and authority of the Board of Directors.

How are the annual Association fees paid?
A letter is sent to all residents and owners stating the amount, who is collecting, and the due date. Fees may be paid via check or on this site via PayPal. Generally, the due date is in June and the amount is currently $500 (as of 2023). Also, this letter will indicate the date and time for the annual Association meeting which is generally held in June.

Can any of the Association materials be amended in a way that might affect my rights and responsibilities?
Yes, if the required votes are obtained by the Board.

Where can I get detailed information about golf?
See Joining the Golf Club

More Information
Many other pages of this site provide additional information of interest to new and prospective owners.