Christmas Mountain Village POA

Property Owners Association (POA)

Christmas Mountain Village Homeowner's Associations

There are five communities within Christmas Mountain Village. The interval ownership units are found in the Campground, the Villas, and the Timbers. Each of these has a Homeowners’ Association. The Golf Estates and the Residential Owners Area make up the other two communities. Each also has a Home Owners Association. Essentially, each Home Owners’ Association is responsible for the operating costs and maintenance of the community’s facilities within their areas. These costs are paid in the form of an annual maintenance fee assessment levied by the respective association.

Each of these Home Owners’ Associations is a member of the overall Christmas Mountain Village Property Owners Association, the POA. Each association has one seat on the POA board and appoints a representative to the Christmas Mountain Property Owners Association to sit on that board.

The POA exists to provide support for all of Christmas Mountain Village unit owners. The POA owns the maintenance and laundry buildings along Lyndon Road, maintenance and service vehicles, and miscellaneous other equipment and materials. The POA does not own the registration building, Mulligans, the golf courses, or the ski runs. Services provided by the POA include security services, guest activities programs, common area maintenance, financial management, etc.