Mailboxes / Fire Signs


Mailbox Location

The mail boxes are located at the main entrance into Christmas Mountain Golf Estates. You will find a key in your mailbox that opens a larger parcel box for items too large for your mailbox. A notice will be left for items that cannot fit in one of these boxes.  The Wisconsin Dells Post Office is a full service office but not open 24 hours. Refer to for more information.

Mailbox Keys

Mailbox keys are passed from one homeowner to the next. For newly built homes or lost keys contact board member Craig Doro ([email protected] (608) 432-2339) to pick up your key.

Fire Signs

Each CMGE property should have a post with a blue and white sign by the road indicating street name and house number.  These fire signs are issued by the Sauk County Conservation, Planning, and Zoning Department. 

The following information was provided in 2017:
Should your sign be missing or damaged, the county will replace it one time for free.  Subsequent replacement requests will cost $20 for the sign, and $10 for the post - a total of $30.

We have noticed that a few signs have Pebblebeach spelled as two words - PEBBLE  BEACH.  If you are missing your sign, it is damaged, or misspelled, contact Brian Sadler at [email protected]608-355-4841. He will take care of your sign need and installation.  Be sure to ask for Brian Sadler as there are three Brians in this department!