Members of the Board

The Christmas Mountain Golf Estates Board consists of five Directors. To provide continuity within the Board the term of an elected Director is two years. Typically three directors are elected in odd years and two elected in even years. Any Director who serves as a replacement due to incapacity or resignation will serve until the next annual election.

Residents and owners are notified by email as to candidates that are seeking a Director position before the annual June meeting. However, a candidate can be nominated during the course of the annual meeting in June.  For more details on the Board contact Randy Haut, President. 

The annual meeting covers a lot of ground and usually takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete. It is highly encouraged that all residents and lot owners attend so as to attain informed consensus on any issues presented.  

Board members contribute their own time on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the community.

Randy Haut President [email protected] 608-678-6037 End of term: 2019
Linnie Reid Vice-President [email protected] 608-253-2030 2020
Sharon Wilcox Treasurer [email protected] 414-352-2256 2020
Jan Pauc Secretary [email protected] 262-470-2321 2019
Scott Witecha Director [email protected]   2020