Sewer District Emergency Contact

Sewer Emergency on Your Personal Property

If your grinder pump is making noise, your pump alarm is sounding, or for any other sewer emergency on your personal property you will need to contract with a private plumber for repair.

Check our Nextdoor recommendations page (registration required) if you would like to locate a recommended plumber or have a recommendation to share.

Sewer Emergency Involving the Sanitary District

As of October, 2017 MSA Professional Services is now the waste water treatment plant operator. If you should notice a sewer emergency that you suspect may involve the sanitary district lift stations or equipment, please call the following numbers in the order given below:

1. Jason Terry (MSA) 608-963-3143
2. Gavin Bender (MSA) 608-477-5840
3. Tom Fitzwilliams (MSA) 608-963-7375

If you get a recording when calling the first number, you may leave a message but please continue to call the next number until you reach a person on call.

See the Christmas Mountain Sanitary District page for more information.